The studio has a full-size cyclorama painted in white for photographic shoots or Ultimatte® green for video keying. Fashion photographers are excited to utilize the abundant diffused natural light, while video crews appreciate the 17’W x 14’D grid and complete blackout for exacting lighting control. The Producer’s Loft Studio provides a low pressure, casual and relaxed environment to inspire creativity while delivering high quality service and equipment at affordable rates.

  • Quiet, Roomy, Flexible Space (18’H x 25’W x 45’D)
  • Natural Light (Diffused and Abundant)
  • Blackout (Windows and Skylights)
  • Black Curtain (18’H x 46’W on rail)
  • Black Carpet (12’x20’)
  • Grid – 17’ x 14’ (1.5″ SpeedRail – 16′ to grid)
  • 200 Amps Power
  • Ground-floor Load-in
    • from street: W: 116 3/4”; H: 83”; Diag: 144”
    • from garage: W: 70 3/4”; H: 79 1/4”; Diag: 106”
  • Cyclorama (18’H x 21’W x 25’D)
  • Infinity White

“Pin-drop Quiet”

Confidently one of the Bay Area’s
quietest shooting spaces.

The folks at The Producer’s Loft Studio are professional, accommodating, and always gracious…
Chris Del SordoWriter/DirectorBlue Door Films