The studio has a full-size cyclorama painted in white for photographic shoots or Ultimatte® green for video keying. Fashion photographers are excited to utilize the abundant diffused natural light, while video crews appreciate the 17’W x 14’D grid and complete blackout for exacting lighting control. The Producer’s Loft Studio provides a low pressure, casual and relaxed environment to inspire creativity while delivering high quality service and equipment at affordable rates.

  • Quiet, Roomy, Flexible Space (18’H x 25’W x 45’D)
  • Natural Light (Diffused and Abundant)
  • Blackout (Windows and Skylights)
  • Black Curtain (18’H x 46’W on rail)
  • Black Carpet (12’x20’)
  • Grid – 17’ x 14’ (1.5″ SpeedRail – 16′ to grid)
  • 200 Amps Power
  • Ground-floor Load-in
    • from street: W: 116 3/4”; H: 83”; Diag: 144”
    • from garage: W: 70 3/4”; H: 79 1/4”; Diag: 106”
  • Cyclorama (18’H x 21’W x 25’D)
  • Infinity White

“Pin-drop Quiet”

Confidently one of the Bay Area’s
quietest shooting spaces.

The Producer’s Loft Studio made it very easy for me to meet my clients request for both stills and video. They handled everything from crew and equipment to craft-services. I will definitely use them for my next project.
Tiffany SchoeppFreelance Photographer