Green Screen

The Producer’s Loft Studio offers three (3) greenscreen solutions. Greenscreens are set up by In-house staff before the start of your rental. Five (5) pre-hung SpaceLites are included with the hourly rental.

Our greenscreen options are perfect for stand-up presentations, seated interviews, tabletop, product, and effects shots as well as seated round table and panel discussions.

  • Greenscreen (wall only) - 20' feet wide x 17' high
  • Greenscreen (wall & floor) - 20' feet wide x 17' feet high x 12'-25' feet deep
  • Greenscreen (3-sides w/wo floor) - 20' feet wide x 10' feet sides x12' high
  • (3) Green Apple Boxes
  • Green soft material
  • (1) Green C-Stand
  • Various Green painted foam core